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Our approach

Solution news

Our approach is based on a resolutely optimistic editorial line: we aim to focus on success stories and best practices in the economic and social fields, in France, Europe and on other continents: corporate responsibility, sustainable development, nonprofits, humanitarian assistance…

Innovative and promising projects are run all over the world in these sectors, but most of them remain unknown to the general public.

OREC media accompanies its customers / partners to use all the potentialities of digital learning  and multimedia tools and broadcasting.

Our productions aim to promote these key initiatives and show how they can concretely change the life of your partners, clients and beneficiaries.

Custom-made media projects

Our staff comes from various professional fields: journalists and media experts, NGO managers, CSR consultants, social economy experts…

As professionals of these sectors, we understand your business “from the inside”.

This expertise allows us to offer our clients media solutions with high added value.

We guarantee:
In-depth knowledge and understanding of your sector,
Comprehensive analysis of your needs,
Tailored advice on editorial line and media supports,
Media contents precisely adapted to your targets.
A support in broadcasting
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